I am Ivan Tyurin.

I am a freelancer based in Moscow, Russia. I have been working in the website development industry for over thirteen years. During this time, he has created more than 90 sites, starting with the creation of sites in HTML and up to full implementation with design projects based on CMS WordPress.


Estimated cost for website development


  • Сайт "Визитка"
  • Landing Page
  • Промо-сайт
  • Личный блог


  • Корпоративный сайт
  • Новостной сайт
  • Форум
  • Комерческий блог


  • Интернет-магазин
  • Интернет-каталог
  • Портал
  • Рассылки


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My works

During the period since 2007 I have created 90 sites , but not all of them have survived to this day, or they cannot be shown in the portfolio under an agreement with the customer.

At the moment, collected here 57 site:

34 Landing page

18 corporate sites

5 online stores

Landing page

Online Stores


In fact, there are many reasons. Here is some of them...

There are no restrictions.
Site functionality depends only on your imagination.

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